Friday, December 10, 2010

Sew Yourself a Merry Little Christmas Stocking The Second

Well my first Christmas stocking class at Hip Stitch was such a great hit I decided to offer it again. But this time I decided to mix it up a bit and thought it would be a cool idea to teach the class to infants—because infants have such good motor skills and are really handy with sharp things and such. And this way I can get an early start on training up my next generation of sewing minions. Bwhahahaha.

So I had students like this show up.

Just Kidding!

I would never hand a baby my sewing scissors.
 It would probably just droll all over them and make them rusty and that’s no way to treat your handy dandy Ginghers!

 It just so happened both of my students had infants and decided to bring the girls along for the class.

We did get a baby at the sewing machine though. Look at her go!


Sew Baby Sew!

Maybe I will have a little sewing minion in a few years.


Anyhow, the class went really well and at the end we had fabulous stocking that look like this:


And we had a stocking that looked like this:

So cute!  Love those sock monkeys!

And I got to make a stocking too which means the class was extra fun.

Happy Baby training
~Melisa & Cordelia

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