Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Partner in Crime

So I was perusing my Blog Stats the other day and I discovered something interesting. My blog stats is a really cool place I can go to get information on things like how many hits a day my little blog gets and where these hits come from and what search words people are using to find my blog and I discovered that people had been referred to me by this address:

and I thought to myself, whaaa?
 As in bear beer????

Not BEAR as I first spelled it.
Or BARE as I spelled it next.

Confession time.
I actually had to turn to google to make sure I was using the proper spelling.
What kind of collage college grad am I?
Clearly the type that didn't spend enough time in the bars.
Or maybe the type that spent tooo much time in bars?
Or perhaps the type that spent just the right amount of time in bars but regardless can't spell her way out of a wet bag?
Whatever that means?
Ask my high school English teacher cause she's the one who told me that.

And then I had to check google again to make sure that when I was talking about college I was talking about my school, not the gluey, scrappy, art thing.
I wasn't.

I think that supports my 3rd bar theory.
Just like Goldilocks.  The 3rd one was just right.

Umm, right.
Back to topic.
Anyhow, I clicked on the link.
I was directed to a lovely blog written by a gal who’s hobbies include,




 brewing beer and sewing!

 Well somehow she has discovered my blog and decided to list it as a blog she admires.
I was tickled pink.
I mean someone, who’s not related to me, actually reads my ramblings. And isn’t ashamed to admit they read it? Now that’s impressive. So thank you Portland Ninkasi, brew mistress extraordinaire and seamstress to the stars!

But what was even cooler is that she too has a dressform and her dressform is named Jeffrey.
 Girl Jeffrey.
Not to be confused with Boy Jeffrey.

“Hello Jeffrey!” Cordelia sends her best.

Oh, and when you check out her blog, be sure to take notice of the Dancing Bear, Beer, Bare sign.  It's a hoot.


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  2. Well, thank you so much for being my follower! Jeffrey sends her best wishes as well! (Had to edit due to poor grammar)