Sunday, December 5, 2010

Make Yourself a Merry Little Christmas Stocking

Cordelia and I have been making Christmas stockings, because one of our Hip Stitch students requested a Christmas Stocking class and their wish is our demand.

Today we will show you how to make a stocking of your very own so grab your scissors, pick some fabric and start channeling your inner Martha Stewart.

All set?
All righty lets go!

Start by making yourself a pattern.
To do this, just simply draw out a stacking shape the size you want. Don’t forget to add seam allowance! I chose to go with something a little more traditional, but you could come up with all kinds of cute designs.

Next cut your fabric.
 You will need 2 stocking shapes of the outer fabric, 2 of the lining fabric and 2 of quilt batting.

You will also need a cuff.
To make a cuff pattern, draw a rectangle wide enough to wrap all the way around the top of the sticking (2X the width of the stocking) plus seam allowance. Then make the cuff twice as wide as you want your finished cuff width to be. My cuff is 15 1/2” X 8”.

Cut one cuff piece of the fabric and one of the quilt batting.

Start by placing right sides of the lining together and sewing around the outer edges. Leave an opening at the bottom for turning and do not sew the top edge closed.

Set this aside for a bit.

Next take the outer fabric pieces and lay them on the quilt batting with the right sides facing up. From now on you will treat each layer as a single piece of fabric.

If you want to add embellishment such as rickrack to the front of the stocking now is the time to do it.

To add rickrack, I cut rickrack pieces the proper length.
Next I applied glue stick to the back of the rickrack and laid it where I want it on the stocking.

I used a straight stitch down the center of the rickrack to sew it on.

Repeat this process for each row of rickrack.

Once you have finished this, lay the outer fabric/quilt batting pieces with right sides together.

Sew around the outer edges leaving the top open.

Clip and trim the curves, press the seam allowances open and then turn so the right sides are out. Press so everything is smooth.

Now you are ready to move onto the cuff.

Fold the Cuff piece in half hot dog style (Long ways) and press the center to make a nice crease.

Open this piece back up and lay the quilt batting on the wrong side. I found that a double layer of the quilt batting was too much so I cut the quilt batting in half width wise.

If you want to add decorative trim to the cuff do so now. Keep in mind that the cuff will be folded in half and that the folded edge (or the crease you just ironed into the fabric) will be the BOTTOM of the cuff.

Fold the cuff in half so the short ends meet but before you sew this seam make a hook. I did this by folding a bit of rick rack in half.

We want to sew the hook into the cuff seam so place the hook so the loop end is on the inside of the cuff.

Sew the seam making sure you backstitch over the hook.

Press the seam open.
Fold the cuff in half along the original crease line with the right sides of the fabric facing out. It should look something like this.

Now slide the cuff on over the stocking and pin in place.

Slide the stocking and cuff into the lining and pin around the top edge.

Sew the top edge.

Now turn the stocking right side out through the opening in the lining.

Sew the lining opening shut and tuck the lining into the stocking.

Voila, you have just finished your very own beautiful Christmas Stocking.

Easy peasy!
Go make one, it’s fun!

If these directions leave you totally confused and befuddled you can sign up for my class at Hip Stitch.

The Class is Tuesday Dec 7th from 5-8PM.

Happy Sewing
~Melisa & Cordelia

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