Saturday, December 18, 2010

X-Mas Wish Lists

Today I asked Oadie and Cordelia what they would like for Christmas.


Here are their respective lists:


Frye Boots (size 8).
Bunny lined leather gloves.
Coach Boots.
Cashmere hat
Sparkly High Heals.

Um, should I tell her she has no feet, hands or head and thus all of her gifts would be rendered pointless? Perhaps not and then I can score myself some sweet gifts.


Cat Nip
Red Vines
Mousie Pounsies
A whole case of canned cat food
Red Vines
A king sized pillow top bed with a down comforter all to my self, not to be shared with ANYONE.

Oh, and Licorice.

Who knew Licorice would be so popular amongst the feline crowd? Not me but according to Oadie it’s better than Cat Nip. Seriously, the cat goes bonkers whenever you have licorice in a 10 mile radius of the house and then he finds it and eats it. And then he gets a tummy ache but do you think that stops him? Nope.

 By the case. 
 Lots and lots of them. 
Schmetzs or Bernina—I’m not picky. 
 90 universal
 80 universal
 and sharps in every size
 Throw in a few ball point while you are at it
 and maybe a Bernina 635 machine to go with them.

That is all.

Happy X-Mas shopping
~Melisa & Cordelia

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